Selected Writings and Media


Revolutionary Social Democracy: Working-Class Politics Across the Russian Empire, 1882-1917 (Brill 2021)

Red State Revolt: The Teachers’ Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics (Verso 2019)

Peer-Reviewed Articles

2021    “The Rise and Fall of Social Democracy,” Labour/Le Travail (Accepted)

2021    “How Digitized Strategy Impacts Movement Outcomes: Social Media, Mobilizing, and Organizing in the 2018 Teachers’ Strikes,” Politics and Society,  2021, 1:34

2021    “Moral Economies, Mobilization, and Inequality: The Case of the 2018 U.S. Teachers’ Strikes,” with Barry Eidlin, Research in Political Sociology 28: 195-213

2020    “Breaking the Law: Strike Bans and Labor Revitalization in the Red State Revolt,” Labor Studies Journal 45 (1): 74–96

*** Winner of the 2020 Best Article Award of the Labor Studies Journal ***

2020    “The Red for Ed Movement, Two Years In,” New Labor Forum 29 (3): 66-73

2018    “Return of the Strike: A Forum on the Teachers’ Rebellion in the United States,” with Tithi Bhattacharya, Kate Doyle Griffiths, and Lois Weiner, Historical Materialism 26 (4): 119–163

2018    “The Rosa Luxemburg Myth: A Critique of Luxemburg’s Politics in Poland (1893–1919),” Historical Materialism, 26 (1): 1–34

German Translation: “Rosa Luxemburgs Allianz mit der SPD-Bürokratie,” [Rosa Luxemburg’s Alliance with the SPD Bureaucracy,” Arbeit – Bewegung – Geschichte: Zeitschrift für historische Studien [Work – Movement – History: Journal of Historical Studies] 2: 27-42 *

2017    “‘Comrades in Battle’: Women Workers and the 1906 Finnish Suffrage Victory,” Aspasia: The International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women’s and Gender History, 11: 1–18

2015    “Ein neuer Blick auf das Verhältnis von Bolschewiki und nationalen Befreiungsbewegungen im Zarenreich,” [A New Look at the Relationship Between the Bolsheviks and National Liberation Movements in the Tsarist Empire] JahrBuch für Forschungen zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung [Annual Review of Research on the History of the Labor Movement] 2: 28-43

Editor-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

2022    “Teachers on Strike: The Political Economy of the Public Education Upsurge,” with Jeremy Cohan, in The Political Economy of Social Movements, edited by Jeff Goodwin (forthcoming)

2021    “Rethinking the Russian Revolution from Across the Empire,” Marxist Sociology Blog (Marxist Section of the American Sociological Association), July 14, 2021.

2021    “The West Virginia Educators Revolt” in Teacher Unions and Social Justice: Organizing for the Schools and Community Students Deserve, edited by Michael Charney, Jesse Hagopian, and Bob Peterson (Milwaukee: Rethinking Schools), 89-97

2020    “Teacher Strikes and the Fight for the Common,” Praktyka Teoretyczna 4 (38): 143–148

2020    “Rank-and-File Organizing and Digital Mobilizing in the Red State Revolt” in Strike for the Common Good, edited by Rebecca Kolins Givan and Amy Schrager Lang (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press), 91-101

2020    “Red for Ed: The Movement Strengthens and Continues,” Rethinking Schools 34 (2): 7-9

2019    “Billionaires Can’t Teach Our Kids,” Rethinking Schools 33 (3): 10-12

2019    “Foreword,” Strike Back: Rediscovering Militant Tactics to Fight the Attacks on Public Employee Unions by Joe Burns (New York: Ig Publishing)

2016    “Anti-Imperial Marxism: Borderland Socialists and the Evolution of Bolshevism on National Liberation,” International Socialist Review, 100: 111–40

Popular Writing (Selected)

2020    “We Were Right To Celebrate Trump’s Defeat. Now We’ll Have To Stay in the Streets for the Next 4 Years,” Jacobin, November 8

2020    “Learning to Strike and Win,” Luxemburg, October 29

2020    “It’s Not Enough to Fight — Labor and the Left Have to Be Serious About How to Win – Interview with Jane McAlevey,” Jacobin, October 19, 2020

2020    “A General Strike to Stop Trump? Some Unions Are Saying It’s Time,” Jacobin, October 15

2020    “Will New York Teachers Strike for Safe Schools? – Interview with Jia Lee” Jacobin, August 28

2020    “Billionaires Want to Reopen Schools Amid a Pandemic. They Might Unleash a Teacher Strike Wave,” Jacobin, July 26

2020    ““The Most Effective Way to Stop Police Terror Is Action at the Point of Production – Interview with Clarence Thomas,” Jacobin, June 9

2020    “Trump and Wall Street Want to Send Us Back to Work. They Don’t Care If We Die of Coronavirus,” Jacobin, March 23

2020    “How a Rank-and-File Revolt in Las Vegas Dealt Bernie a Winning Hand,” The Nation, February 24

2020    “Mike Bloomberg’s Education ‘Reforms’ Would Be a Disaster for Public Schools,” with Heather Gautney, The Guardian, February 17

2020    “Students With Disabilities Deserve a Quality Education. Bernie’s New Disability Rights Platform Would Give Them One,” Jacobin, February 7

2019    “Bernie’s Revolution Needs the Labor Movement to Win,” Jacobin, December 17

2019    “Why We Confronted Joe Biden on Deportations – Interview with Carlos Rojas,” Jacobin, November 22

2019    “A Strike for Racial Justice and Democracy in Little Rock Schools,” Jacobin, November 14

2019    “The Chicago Teachers Strike Proves We Can’t Rely on Democrats,” The Nation, October 19

2019    “The Teachers’ Strike Wave Returns Home to Chicago,” Jacobin, October 16

2019    “The Left Needs a Statewide Strategy,” Jacobin, July 28

2019    “Wayfair’s Walkout Against Concentration Camps – Interview with Maddie Howard” Jacobin, June 27

2019    “Want to Beat Trump? Learn from Workers in Republican States,” The Guardian, June 11

2019    “When Socialists Won Women’s Suffrage,” Jacobin, March 8

2019    “From Meyer London to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” Jacobin, March 5

2019    “Why Oakland’s Striking Teachers Won,” Jacobin, March 3

* Nominated for the John Swett Award for Media Excellence *

2019    “The Educators’ Revolt Is Spreading to Oakland,” The Nation, February 21

2019    “Oakland Teachers Are Striking Against Billionaire Privatizers,” Jacobin, February 21

2019    “West Virginia’s Political Strike Wins Big,” Jacobin, February 20

2019    “West Virginia Teachers Strike Again,” Jacobin, February 18

2019    “Denver Teachers Win Steps Forward,” Jacobin, February 14

2019    “Denver Students Take the Lead as Teachers Strike,” The Nation, February 12

2019    “Denver Teachers Strike Back,” Jacobin, February 11

2019    “Never Trust a Billionaire’s Antiracism,” Jacobin, January 25

2019    “What the LA Teachers Won, and How They Won It,” The Nation, January 24

2019    “After LA’s Strike, ‘Nothing Will Be the Same’ – Interview with Arlene Inouye,” Jacobin, January 23

2019    “West Virginia Teachers Look to Strike Again,” Jacobin, January 19

2019    “Billionaires vs. LA Schools,” Jacobin, January 15

2019    “LA’s Teachers Can Teach the Working Class about the Power of Labor Strikes,” with Meagan Day, The Guardian, January 14

2019    “LA’s Teachers’ Strike Will Be the Toughest Yet,” The Nation, January 14

* Nominated for the John Swett Award for Media Excellence *

2018    “Blue-State Revolt,” Jacobin, December 19

2018    “Educators Versus Exxon – Interview with Angela Reams-Brown and Tia Mills,” Jacobin, October 26

2018    “Teachers’ Strikes Are Escalating in Washington,” Jacobin, September 13

2018    “Betting on the Working Class,” Jacobin, May 29

2018    “The Outcome in Arizona – Interview with Rebecca Garelli, Dylan Wegela, and Noah Karvelis” Jacobin, May 3

2018    “Arizona Versus the Privatizers,” Jacobin, April 30

2018    “Arizona Prepares to Strike,” Jacobin, April 26

2018    “A Strategy to Win,” with Jane McAlevey, Jacobin, April 18

2018    “Red Oklahoma,” Jacobin, April 13

2018    “The Oklahoma Strike Is At a Crossroads,” Jacobin, April 11

2018    ““This Is a Struggle of Regular Working People – Interview with Nema Brewer,” Jacobin, April 02

2018    “It’s Oklahoma’s Turn to Strike,” Jacobin, March 30

2018    “The Lessons of West Virginia,” Jacobin, March 9

2018    “What the Teachers Won ­– Interview with Emily Comer and Jay O’Neal,” Jacobin, March 6

2018    “The Strike Is On – Interview with Jay O’Neal,” Jacobin, May 3

2018    “The State of the Strike,” Jacobin, March 13

2018    “West Virginia’s Militant Minority,” Jacobin, March 3

2017    “The Ballot and the Break,” Jacobin, December 4

2017    “A Guide to the February Revolution,” Jacobin, March 8

2017    “Finland’s Revolution,” Jacobin, May 17

2016    “A Lost History,” Jacobin, July 6

2015    “Revolutionary Roots of Women’s Suffrage: Finland 1906,” Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal, March 4

2014    “National Liberation and Bolshevism Re-Examined: A View from the Borderlands,” Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal, May 28

Selected Presentations

“Red State Revolt” Plenary Presentation to the AFT-Indiana Leadership Conference, 9/28/19

“Learning from the National Teachers’ Upsurge” Plenary Presentation to the Massachusetts Teachers Association Summer Conference, UMass Amherst, 8/4/19

“How To Build Labor-Community Power” California Teachers Association Summer Institute, Community Engagement Strand, 7/28/19

“A New Deal for Public Schools” Plenary Presentation to the United Teachers Los Angeles Leadership Conference, 7/26/19

“Strike Wave Panel, with Sara Nelson” Metro DC DSA, 6/19/19

“The U.S. Teachers’ Strikes and Their Significance” Plenary presentation Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) — Ontario conference 5/27/19

“Strike Wave: Lessons of the Educators’ Revolt” Boston Labor Conference, UMass Boston Labor Resource Center 4/6/18

“Strike Bans and Labor Revitalization in the Red State Revolt” United Association for Labor Education, New Generation Award Panel 4/3/19

“The LA Teachers’ Strike: How They Won and What Comes Next” Center for Social Theory and Comparative History, UCLA 2/21/19

“The Teacher Strikes: Takeaways for the Progressive Movement and Consequences for the Future of Public Sector Employment” Plenary Presentation to the Economic Policy Institute’s 2018 EARN Conference, 10/4/18

“Lessons of the Teachers’ Strikes” Plenary presentation to the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) Leadership Conference, 9/22/18

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