Selected Writings and Media


Revolutionary Social Democracy: Working-Class Politics Across the Russian Empire, 1882-1917 (Brill 2021)

Red State Revolt: The Teachers’ Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics (Verso 2019)

Selected Articles and Interviews

Learning to Strike and Win LuXemburg, 10/29/20

The Red for Ed Movement, Two Years In New Labor Forum, 10/1/20

Red for Ed: The Movement Strengthens and Continues Rethinking Schools, 3/28/20

How a Rank-and-File Revolt in Las Vegas Dealt Bernie a Winning Hand The Nation, 2/24/20

Mike Bloomberg’s Education ‘Reforms’ Would Be a Disaster for Public Schools The Guardian, 2/17/20

A Dire Warning for Unions Considering Biden Rising with Krystal Ball, 12/17/19

Bernie’s Revolution Needs the Labor Movement to Win Jacobin, 12/17/19

Video on the Teachers’ Strikes for Bernie Sanders 6/21/19

Want to Beat Trump? Learn from Workers in Republican States The Guardian, 6/11/19

Interview Behind The News, 5/16/19

Billionaires Can’t Teach Our Kids Rethinking Schools, Spring 2019

Why Oakland’s Striking Teachers Won Jacobin, 3/04/19

Denver Students Take the Lead as Teachers Strike The Nation, 2/12/19

Cory Booker Hates Public Schools Jacobin, 2/4/19

Interview The Zero Hour with R.J. Eskow, 2/2/2019

West Virginia Teachers Look to Strike Again Jacobin, 1/29/19

Never Trust a Billionaire’s Antiracism Jacobin, 1/25/19

What the LA Teachers Won, and How They Won It The Nation, 1/24/19

Interview Jacobin Radio w/ Suzi Weissman, 1/22/19

Interview Democracy Now! 1/15/19

Billionaires vs. LA Schools Jacobin, 1/15/19

LA’s Teachers Can Teach the Working Class about the Power of Labor Strikes The Guardian, 1/14/19

LA’s Teachers’ Strike Will Be the Toughest Yet The Nation, 1/14/19

Blue-state Revolt Jacobin, 12/19/18

Return of the Strike Historical Materialism Journal, 12/06/18

Educators Versus Exxon Jacobin, 10/26/28

Betting on the Working Class Jacobin, 5/29/18

Interview The Dig, 5/09/18

Interview The Majority Report, 5/05/18

The Outcome in Arizona Jacobin, 5/03/18

Arizona Versus the Privatizers Jacobin, 4/30/18

Arizona Prepares to Strike Jacobin, 4/26/18

A Strategy to Win (with Jane McAlevey), Jacobin, 4/18/18

Interview Chapo Trap House, 4/15/18

Red Oklahoma Jacobin, 4/13/18

Interview Beneath the Surface w/ Suzi Weismann, 4/13/18

The Oklahoma Strike Is At a Crossroads Jacobin, 4/11/18

Interview The Zero Hour w/ RJ Eskow, 4/08/18

It’s Oklahoma’s Turn to Strike  Jacobin, 3/30/18

The Lessons of West Virginia Jacobin, 3/09/18

Selected Presentations

“Red State Revolt” Plenary Presentation to the AFT-Indiana Leadership Conference, 9/28/19

“Learning from the National Teachers’ Upsurge” Plenary Presentation to the Massachusetts Teachers Association Summer Conference, UMass Amherst, 8/4/19

“How To Build Labor-Community Power” California Teachers Association Summer Institute, Community Engagement Strand, 7/28/19

“A New Deal for Public Schools” Plenary Presentation to the United Teachers Los Angeles Leadership Conference, 7/26/19

“Strike Wave Panel, with Sara Nelson” Metro DC DSA, 6/19/19

“The U.S. Teachers’ Strikes and Their Significance” Plenary presentation Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) — Ontario conference 5/27/19

“Strike Wave: Lessons of the Educators’ Revolt” Boston Labor Conference, UMass Boston Labor Resource Center 4/6/18

“Strike Bans and Labor Revitalization in the Red State Revolt” United Association for Labor Education, New Generation Award Panel 4/3/19

“The LA Teachers’ Strike: How They Won and What Comes Next” Center for Social Theory and Comparative History, UCLA 2/21/19

“The Teacher Strikes: Takeaways for the Progressive Movement and Consequences for the Future of Public Sector Employment” Plenary Presentation to the Economic Policy Institute’s 2018 EARN Conference, 10/4/18

“Lessons of the Teachers’ Strikes” Plenary presentation to the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) Leadership Conference, 9/22/18

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